How to cancel Sales order Packing Slip (Project)

Hi All,

   How i want to cancel SO packing slip(Project). Currently Button cancel is dimmed and i unable to click it.

is there any setup in parameter i need to tick?


The purpose why i want to cancel is because user wrongly select SO and post packing slip.




  • You cannot cancel a sales order packing slip that is been created from the item requirements.
    Try with a -ve delivery now.

  • In reply to Kranthi:

    Hi Kranthi,

     Thanks for your response, i tried to use deliver now qty and update -1. But when i want to post packing slip using parameter "Receive now". No line is insert in line tab.

    I'm using AX 2012 R2, if not mistaken we cant post negative qty.

  • In reply to imran romlan:

    updating with -ve delivery reminder and posting the packing slip.