BOM, Route setup

We have around 1500 different tools in our shop and I have them on a list in Excel. My task is to add the tools to AX so they can be applied to production orders that they're needed for. I'm new to AX and I'm unsure how to go about completing this task. We use AX 2009 so there's no resources, just work center groups and work centers. I've thought about adding them to the BoM for each order, but I can't figure out how to make it so they aren't consumed at the end of each order. Any advice on the how to complete this task?

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  • By tools, you mean the items right?

    So do want to know how to import the items in excel to AX?

    Please be clear on your requirement, so that it would be easy for someone to answer your questions.

  • @Bhustedde, did you figure out to add tools?
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    In my opinion AX is not a tool management system, but you can add these in as requirements to the BOM but it would not be a physical item, the issue with the physical item is it is not really representative of the process. In AX2009 you had to add them as an item and consume them in standard AX, there was no alternative. Resources are just work centres, it is a name change.