Formula import in AX 2012

Hi All,

I currently working on the import of BOM/Formula into AX 2012 R3 CU10 using the DIXF. I finding an issue when i try to import a formula Version record into AX using the BOMVersion DMF entity. How ever, when i do this import into AX, the formula record i import is not recognized as Formula,instead the system recognize as a BOM. What field do i need to add in order for the system to recognize as a formula. 

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  • PmfTypeId is the field. It is part of the standard entity mapping already depending upon how you are populating it.
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    Thanks adam! I did populate the fied PmfTypeId - But when i do the Import, i see the formula in the Bill of materials form, but not in the formula form under stock management module. Hope you understand what i am saying.
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    Manually create a formula and check the field in the table.
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    There is field called PmfBOMFormula, which does not appear in the standard DMF BOmVersion entity.So this is the field which makes the system aware whether it is a BOM or formula. While importing i don't have this field.
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    PmfBOMFormula is part of the BOM not the BOM version and you should see it under BOM entity.
    Field -> BOM_PmfBOMFormula
    Have you created the BOM/Formula before importing the versions ?