Configure ATP to 'look through' multi-warehouse supply chain?


We are setting our ATP to be the same as Lead Days which works fine if it is a supply chain that involves just a warehouse and a supplier. But if one warehouse is supplied by another warehouse which is supplied by a supplier, it does not work well.
- Warehouse A sources from Warehouse B and transport lead time between them is 3 days.
- Warehouse B sources from the supplier and lead time is 2 months.
- If we have ATP set for Warehouse A as 3 days then this works well provided there is available stock at Warehouse B. But if there is no stock at Warehouse B then the ATP misleads sales people entering sales orders in Warehouse A.

Is there any way to configure AX so that a sales order can 'look through' the full supply chain to see when they get the product? ATP seems limited in usefulness when you have more than one step in your supply chain.