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I have setup 2 companies.

In company A, i create a vendor XYZ with all related information.

In company B, i create same vendor XYZ, Ax prompt and as me whether to use the same vendor info and address. I select YES.

Now, AX link the vendor XYZ between company A & B by using the same partyid. If i change the address in A, it will auto reflect in company B.

Is there a way to split linkage between company A & B?

I want the vendor to operate independently by company.


  • But if it is truly the same vendor the address is the same?
  • Actually Address tables are work for intercompany , you can check property "SavedataPercompany = NO"
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    You really dont want to do that with the "Global" address book!
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    i am taking about logisticPostalAddress tables , which is used for intercompany , if i am wrong so please explain ?
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    The OP though is not talking about that. They are talking about the creation of the same Vendor in different legal entities and they linked it to the GAB when asked.
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    For the purpose of this, you cannot be changing the postal address into a company specific table.
    It holds all the addresses (not only vendor). if you really want a separation, you can think of using partitions.
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    Hi Kranthi,
    How can i use partitions? Can you further explain.

  • Kong Yu
    Is there a way to split linkage between company A & B?

    You should have selected to create a different party then rather using the same party?

    I didn't meant, you should be using the partition.

    AX 2012 initially shipped some of the global data entities like products, global address book, some financial master data...It may not fit every one and every one don't require the data sharing across all entites, so later in R2 they introduced Partition concept in order to have keep them isolated. For more details, see the architecture of it,