Has anyone deleted a Payment Journal that checks were already printed? If so, what did you do?

A Payment Journal was created and the checks were printed, but someone deleted the Payment Journal.  The checks are showing in the Checks in Cash and Bank Management.

I've tried:

1 - recreating the APPJ and inputting the check number, but the field is grayed out and I'm unable to input the check number

2 - recreating the APPJ, generating a check and changing the starting check number, but the check prints with the next check number, instead of the check number that I changed it to.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • What is the status of the check? Have you enabled "Allow check reuse" in cash and bank parameters?
  • Hi AX_user,

    I think ask help to your developer, If you want to remove or not showing the checks in cash and bank management. the developer remove the record directly from the database.
  • Hi AX_User,

    I understand that you have processed a check, but deleted the associated payment journal leaving the GL out of sync with the AP and Cash sub-ledgers.

    This is a common issue and can be resolved by processing a void for the original check (be sure not to update the GL), then reprocessing a check in its place using a check number of ######rp. Where ####### would be the original check number concatenated with "rp" at the end for Re-Print. This method helps with reconciling, while avoiding problems associated the check number reuse.

    See Kranthi's response for allowing check number reuse / override.

    Please consult with your company policy prior to manually altering data in your database. Doing so without proper knowledge / approval can results in many issues (Audit, Legal, etc.)