Inventory Counting

What is the best way to do inventory counting when I have more than 1 warehouse and item can be stored on more than 1 location. 

I prefer to have one big counting journal, but then only one user can fill in the "counted" quantity. Is it possible to allow using one journal to multiple users?


Or can someone recommend better way how to do inventory counting in AX2012 R3?


Thank you



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  • The best way is to divide the locations for each warehouse into users. I.e., user 1 will count location 1 & 2, user 2 will count location 3 & 4 and so on. This way, you can create 1 journal per user. There won't be any issues with items missed from counting because a user thought another user counted that or any other conflicts. This is tried & tested solution, which many of our customers are using & it has highest consistency of counting & lowest issues encountered till date.
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