Saving report on local machine, not RDP server

help plz 

1- i have users opening Ax client through RDP App when they print any report on screen - they can't save  as pdf file on their  local machine ... they get remote server location .how to fix this ???

  • Can users access local disk such as \\tsclient\C?
    By the way, think you would be better off if you asked in a forum about Remote Apps, because this is nothing specific to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Also, please use more descriptive thread titles than "hi all, i have a question plz help" - I fixed this one for you.
  • Rightly said by Martin, This is un-related to AX.
    And please be more descriptive about environments. One cannot understand whats on somebody minds and give suggestions based on assumptions.

    If I am correctly understanding then the answer is..
    It depends upon where you are executing the Client, For example if you are opening an application "Excel/Notepad" remotely on a RDP machine and want to save the file obviously it will save on the RDP you executed. correct !
    If you want to save something that is accessible to everyone then create a shared network and use it as a common shared drive where it can be saved/accessed by other users.
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