Expense report workflow - lines

Hi all,

How can we setup expense report workflow so that , 1)  people who are reviewing expense report are able to reject only specific lines NOT the whole expense report.; 2} also when lines have been rejected , reviewers want to differentiate beween rejected lines vs non rejected lines.



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  • You will need to have two different workflows (an Expense approval workflow and an expense line item approval workflow).  These are two unique types of workflows.  You will see the line approval workflow option when you first create the workflow.

    Once you have the line workflow created, you need to add a step within the overall workflow that references the line workflow.

    When you add this to your workflow, you select the line item workflow that it needs to use.

    1)  This would allow users to approve or reject specific lines rather than the whole report.  However, in order for an Expense report to be processed it MUST be approved in its entirety.  So if a reviewer rejects a specific line, that line would need to be corrected and resubmitted (and approved) before the whole report could proceed for payment.

    2)  Yes, it is possible to see the approval status of each line.


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