Activities created from project WBS

Hi together, 

I'm all new here - so I hope to stick to all necessary rules and posted to the right chapter of this helpful forum.

I'm working with the project module for several years now (AX4 - AX 2012R3) but never felt it would be necessary to check what I can do with the activities which are created from the work breakdown structure. Today it changed and I feel it would be great to use it.

Today I realized, that the project WBS activities are usual activities, assigned one to myself and tried to look them up in the "my activities" area. Unfortunately the project based activities won't show up in that list page.

Once I delete the project assignment, the activity shows up as expected. - does anyone have a clue about this behavior? From my opinion I followed all the joins, queries and ranges through the system I thought everything would match...

My second "problem" is, that once I assign the task within the WBS to another worker, it won't fill the responsibility field with the actual worker but will always show the "created by" value.


Any help on this is highly appreciated.


Best Regards