Why can't I set the price at price at product variant?

why am I not able to define price at variant level - AX 2012 R3? 

i released the product master with 5 different variant (my dimension is at configuration level) - I noticed the following: 

I ticked the 'use cost price for variant' then AX allowed for item price entry (cost versions)

ok. defined purchase, cost price- activated 

Opened a PO, i expect to see the purchase price but its blank;  

defined sales price (activated) still AX doesn't show the price in SO! 

what could be the reason. 

I can define an item, define item price that shows in PO, SO!   but why not variant prices

what i want is that I have 3 variants (dimension group confi is ticked) - item is sold in 3  configs -  small, medium, large. 

so i want to maintain separate price for each!  

  • PO has nothing to do with the cost in the costing version. The PO picks it up from the trade agreement of the item card. Those sales and purchase prices in the costing version are used when the BOM calculation routines are run. 

    To have a price you need to set a trade agreement up. 

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