Purchase requisition is not getting converted automatically


In AX 2012, all my PR are getting converted to PO automatically. Those PR which got converted has the status as CLOSED.

This is fine.

Only one specific PR, which has completed the workflow approval cycle; showas the status as 'Approved' and doesn't get converted to PO.

Any idea?



  • I am having the same problem too today. Same situation, Approved PRs that never close and do not even appear in the PRs the released approved PRs list.

    Here is what I have checked thus far:

    ·         PR does have a Vendor

    ·         Checked to see if change management is activated

    ·         I have the purchasing policy to automatically create a PO activated

    ·          Checked to make sure I have a procurement internal control purpose assigned to a hierarchy (just like contoso)

    ·         I have even run the periodic "Batch purchase order generation" as an extra process


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