Assigning a Worker to multiple companies

Hi all,

is it possible to assign one worker to more than one company (MS Dynamics AX 2012)? the problem. the owner of 2 companies (AX is set up for both companies splitted into 2 legal entities) is assigned to one company yet. now i need the owner (this worker) to be assigned to the other company, too, as i need him to be the approver of invoices.

i dont want to set up 2 different workers for him. also because there are several other workers who work for both companies/legal entities.

i think there must be a solution to this, as it is not uncommon to work part time for company A and the other time for company B. what can i do?


thanks in advance


  • No one had this problem yet? Is there any other way to get it solved?


    thanks in advance

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    I am not 100% certain this is a complete and accurate answer to your problem. I had a similar issue and I found that I need to do this to resolve:


    In HR > Common > Workers > Workers > On the action pane tab – Versions > Employment history, I assigned myself to three companies and resolved my issue.


    Sorry I can’t be of any further help

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    Hey Martin,

    looks like you did it :) but have to check it when the owner of the company is back as he has to test it due to being approver of invoices.

    will post if you were right or not (but i think you are)


    thanks a lot again

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    Hi Both


    My worry with this solution is that you only have a "worker type" as employee or contractor so surely by adding them this way will affect your employee/contractor stats in HR ?


    I am asking if there is a way to have a new  "worker type"  to capture these ?

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    You can do it thru Role level
    In system admin > Select users > User to which need to share access > click any role on that particular user -> select Assign organisation..

    here u will grant or revoke this role to selected/all companies.