FIFO not showing physical-financial amount but quantity

Hi there, we have a situation where we received items via PO but posted to an incorrect inventory account. We use FIFO. 

storage dimension - site, warehouse and location but physical/financial ticked at site and warehouse.   

FIFO - post physical/financial; No physical value included. 

When I looked at the transactions, it shows the cost amount except for this PO. The quantity seems to be updated in the posted quantity but cost amount is not showing up. As a result, the running average is not correct at this warehouse level. 

If the quantity is updated but not the financial or physical amount, when we close the inventory,  my guess is that AX will settle the consumption to the receipt price. Though the realized consumption cost may be incorrect, 

On Dec 1st, PO received/invoiced for 10 Qty $80 total is nil (as it went to a different invent. account) 

On Dec 10th,  PO received/invoiced for 10 qty at $100  total = $1000 

On Ce 15th, invet movement journal for 10 Qty at $200  total  $2000 

running ave price is $100 

On Dec 18th Production order for 30 qty at $100 (ie. realized material consumption cost) 

when we close inventory for Dec,  will the first 10 quantity consumption price is adjusted at $80, the next 10 at $100 and the last is at $100.  Will this be the case? 

what will be impact for the PO not showing up the cost amount on P&L 

many thanks