Post invoices in the Invoice approval journal form ax2012

Dear All,

In invoice approval  joural after getting the voucher using find voucher

In line item one line amoutn is not updating automatically , each and every time after get the find  voucher i am select the ledger account mannual is it possible to get the ledger account automatically .here

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  • Here is how you do it in AX 2012 R2:

    a) Go to the Vendor Account from AP>Common>Vendors

    b) Select the Specific Vendor and Click on Edit

    c) On the VendTable Form Go to Invoice Tab on the top

    d) Click on Setup>Default Account

    e) Select a Default Account from the Right and push it to Left and then Click on Set as Default Account.

    f) Go to Invoice Approval Journal, You should be able to see the account getting defaulted.

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