Problem Scraping a return order

I'm having problems with scraping a return order after receipt of the item. Once the item is recieved, it is processed through the arrival overview, Start Arrival is done then Functions > Show arrival from receipts. The item is placed in quarantine, a quality order is created and completed then the quarantine order has disposition set to Scrap. The quarantine order is then ended.

The result is another entry shows up in the Arrival Overview, selecting packing slip returned, we can't click the Srap or Close checkbox. and when attempting to post it I get the error:

Inventory dimension Location is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified.

 There is a warehouse and location assigned to the item in the lines tab. When I attempt to go to the sales order and process the invoice I get a different error:

No lines for posting or quantity = 0

In this case the quantity is -1 so I can't close out the sales order. The end result is I now have open transactions in the Arrival Overview, Open Sales Orders, and Open return orders that I can't close. Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks, Jerry