Production orders 100% Error Quantity Error in AX09

Hi All,

I have a client that on occasions scraps a complete production order, but in Ax we keep receiving an error about the report as finished quantity which prevents us from ending the work order.  The scenario is:

  1. Create production order, schedule, release and start (posting RM picking slip).
  2. Progress operations 1&2 then on op 3 we scrap the whole order quantity.
  3. Try to end production order and receive error message.

Essentially we would like to scrap and end the complete production order. Any guidance would be gratefully received. 

Cheers - Jon.

  • Have you try to report as finished and end the whole quantity, the report as finished process could be automatically related (or manual) with a quarantine order, and you can (it is not necessary) relate the quarantine order with a quality order where the results of the reasons (test) that makes the production obsolete would be recorded, you would scrap the whole quantity of the quarantine order with a disposition code.

    You can ignore the quality order part if it is not needed, just a quarantine order, you start it for the whole RAF quantity and then scarp it, that would make the accounting records and you still see in the inventory transactions, that you had certain quantity delivered but for quality issues you scrap it.


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