AX 2012 Production Order Priority

Hello all,

In AX, under the All Production Orders form, there is the ability to personalize the grid and add a field called Priority which is set to 0 for everything.  By setting a higher number, this gives higher priority to the production order.

Can anyone elaborate on this? Is this taken into account for job scheduling?  What if the status of the job is already Released and the Jobs from the route are already created due to firming a planned order?  How does changing the priority on the fly impact production?


  • Grazie,

    According to the manual it should determine the order in which the production orders are scheduled. the higher the number you manually give in, the more priority the production order should have when scheduling.

    However, I don't see the system react on it at all. Can anybody explain with which conditions the system reacts and really schedules the production orders based on the priority given to the production order.

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