Stock has value but zero or blank quantity

Hi Folks,

The situation is like this...

The stock has value but no quantity.

I tried to write-off the stock value using the "Adjustment" button of "Closing and Adjustment" form.

But I couldn't edit the "Edit Now" column.

If I use "Value" option to update the stock value, AX said: "On-hand total must be positive".

Any other way(s) to write off the stock value?

I tried also adjusting the transaction instead of OH - but during closing/recalculation this seemed to be reversed back by AX.

Also, wouldn't it make the previously calculated cost becomes wrong, if we were to adjust the transaction created in the closed period?

 Side -note:

- This problem seems to be caused by "back-door" database update to force purchase return.

- AX version 4.0 SP2.

Thank you in advance.


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