Quarantine order



 I created a purchase order with  2 lines  that item item  A , B.

I assigned the  Inventory model group for both items  with the option quarantine = yes.

after i update the  packing slip , system automatically  createing the quanranitne orders ,but it is creating the two quarantine orders for two items.

here my point is , is  it not possible to create the  single qwuarantine order  against one purchase order .

( that means if   have the order  10 items  in purchase order , but i want one quarantine order.)

Let me know   about this .

do i  need to setup any where to aceheive this one.

thanks  and regards

  • You cannot achieve this.

    As you have said it is item based, so you get one order per item.

    You may get 2 items in on one purchase order, one is a 5 minute visual check, one is a two day quarantine, so it makes sense to have them separate. Also the purchase order may have 10 lines, with 2 items going to quarantine, and therefore again you do not want a quarantine order for the purchase order as all 8 lines not requiring quarantine would go in.

    You can however simply mass update the quarantine orders from a  filtered view, so it is not really an issue.

    If it is you need to modify the system.

    Also I would suggest you look at quality orders if you are in this area.

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