summary update


Purchase order  form  - > (Advanced mode in Purchase header )  - > setup - > summary update .

Can u explain what is the use of the summary update ?


I gone through the manual, I could not understand .

  • The Summary update for: field determines how multiple Purchase orders must be summarised or rolled into one document if you like. There are four summary update options available:

    i)                    None: No summary updates are processed. One Purchase order journal will be created for each Purchase order.

    ii)                  Invoice account: Use this selection to summarize multiple Purchase orders into one Purchase order update.

    iii)                Order: A selected range of orders are consolidated into one Purchase order update. When you select Order, another field, Purchase order appears. In this field, you select on which order the orders must be summarised. Notice that for orders to be summarised in this manner, they must fulfil the condition of using the same currency and invoice account. If Order is selected, you must also set the Order error tolerance on the same form.

    iv)                Automatic summary Select this option to summarize multiple orders according to the criteria that is specified in the Summary update parameters. Specify in the order setup that a summary update must occur when the order is updated. Otherwise, the orders are posted separately.


    In other words will you be processing multiple orders into summary documents, and if yes, how.

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