Multi Location Stock Counts

We have just found out that we are unable to count the same stock item at more than one warehouse at any one time.
As soon as the first warehouse starts to count and creates a journal the item code is locked for new journals to count not only at that warehouse but at all other warehouses within the company.

I cannot understand it. The table in question (InventItemLocation) has a field called InventItemID, but instead of being populated with and ID that relates to the warehouse being counted, it takes the value "Axapta" and locks all the warehouses. The machinery is there to lock by warehouse, but it is not being used.

Is this not a major irritation to other users, or have we got it wrong and there is a parameter we need to set differently?

We are Version 3.0 SP1

  • Hi Mike,

    There is nothing wrong with InventItemLocation. Just make sure that you have created separate lines for each warehouse under Stock management -> Setup -> Stock breakdown -> Warehouses.

    Hope this helps.


    Harish Mohanbabu
  • Harish,
    I can't find the Stock Breakdown step in the sequence Stock management -> Setup -> Stock breakdown -> Warehouses. Is that in v3.0?

  • Les,

    You are right. This is ver 3.0.


    Harish Mohanbabu
  • Hello Harish,
    Yes we have the warehouses created in Stock management / Setup / Stock breakdown / warehouses. Is there any setting here that is relevant?

    My problem is that when we create a count journal the entry in InventItemLocation sets the InventDimID to Axapta. The record named Axapta in InventDim has the warehouse field showing blank. We have other InventDim records that show the warehouses and leave other fields blank. I cannot see why InventItemLocation should not point to these instead.

    Best Wishes
  • Hi.

    I have the same problem with counting.
    It seems that one stock item can't be in more than one journal at the time. If you create a second journal and manually create a journal line with the item (that allreade exists in another journal) you get the message "Warning: Item X is locked for updates in warehouse X, as it is being counted".
    I have not found any "work around" for this problem.
    Anyone ?

    /Peter Karlsson
  • Hi Mike / Peter,

    Try this -

    1. Go to the Item Master form

    2. Select the Item that you want to count and go to 'Setup ->
    Warehouse Items'

    3. Create a line for each warehouse

    Now try counting journals. This should work.


    Harish Mohanbabu
  • I queried this the other month with MS. The response was that the system is working as designed, but I do have a detailed response on how to remove the code.

    You just need to be sure that you have business processes in place to prevent the same item (in the same location) being added to two different journals. If you can be sure of this then it is not a big job to remove the validation code.

    Drop me an e-mail and I'll respond to you directly if you would like the full details.

  • Hi!
    Check the following parameter:
    Inventory Management/Parameters, General tab page: "Lock item during count"
    Make sure it is unchecked if you don't want to lock the items during counting.
  • I don't think that parameter is related to this problem. This parameter prevents movement of the stock item during the count - but doesn't effect the functionality of the item in relation to multiple count journals.

  • Hi Mike.
    I agree with Adam, the "Lock Items during Count" is not meant to prevent the multiple counting journals for an item. I gather from the manuals is that "When you have created counting lines for an item, no other lines can be created until the lines are posted or deleted." So in case you want to do the stocktaking for an item with multiple warehouses you have to create multiple journal lines in one journal number. One of the problem is that you can't select for a certain warehouse when you want to print the Counting List.
  • Hi Mike, great news for you is that after i read further that YOU CAN CREATE COUNTING JOURNALS WITH MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES FOR AN ITEM. Here is the way:
    1. In the item master go to Setup button > Warehouse Item. Here you create new line for each warehouse with different counting group. So different warehouse is counted using different counting group. In the item master tab General, there is Count Group. I think that's the default in case you want to calculate the item for all the warehouses.
    2. Create the counting journal for each warehouse.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Harish, your third post has the answer.
    Thanks Afen, Your second post has the answer.

    Item Form / Setup / Warehouse Item seems to do the trick.
    Interestingly you can set up records for different configurations in the same warehouse, but there is no need to, unless you want them to belong to different counting groups.
  • Nice,

    I would have been strange if it was impossible.

    /Peter Karlsson
  • There is a postscript to this.
    We have about about 4,000 stock items, some of which exist in only one location, but many are in several. I think we need to create about 4,000 new entries in InventItemLocation.
    wheras this is quite possible using the forms, somehow the spreadsheet import routine rejects more than one entry per stock item.