(101 question) How to associate privs with a module?

1st post, and hope it's the right area..

Hi, realy basic question, as I try to grasp how D365 F&O works.

I've been reviewing some training on security, but it's just not clear to me how to do the following.

I wanted to see if I could create my own role, then a duty, then see if I could assign privileges such that a user could see All of the

customers in the A/R module.(picked that module at random, just for testing)

What I've done so far:

1) Created a role

2) Assigned a new duty to above role(using "Create new and add reference")

3) Created a new priv, using "Create new and reference"

Now, I click the new priv, and I can see under "References", "Action menu items", "Display menu items", etc etc

From here, I'm lost as to how I associate a priv with my A/R customer list?

Any help/direction is greatly appreciated!



  • Rich,

    I have an entire blog on D365FO security available here: http://d365foblog.com

    Specifically the post that may help you the most would be: https://alexdmeyer.com/2018/07/19/setting-up-security-in-dynamics-365-for-finance-and-operations-part-ii-from-the-aot/

    To answer your question directly, you would have to determine which object(s) allow you to perform the task you are looking to perform. From my past experience I know that the customer list is controlled by the CustTableListPage menu item display. The next step is to then determine at what level access you would like to grant access to this object with the access types being a hierarchy based on: Read -> Update -> Create -> Delete. Once you determine the correct object(s) and access type then its a matter of assigning the object to the privilege, the privilege to a duty, the duty to a role, and the role to a user.

    Feel free to reach out with any further security questions I would be happy to help.

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