MRP-Refling Warehouse- Issue


We have a scenario  as mentioned  Below 

Warehouse 1 - ( Stocking WH)  - Refling  warehouse  is Blank 

Warehouse2 - ( Production WH). -Refiling Warehouse mentioned  as  Warehouse1

Item - A  Warehouse configured as below - Item Type - Production 

Purchase warehouse - Warehouse2

Storage warehouse - Warehouse 1

Sales warehouse -- sales-wh 

BOM Line for Item -A,  Wh configured as Warehouse2 

While running MRP, if any Demand for Item-A, It's Looking for stock in warehouse2, then checking on Warehouse1 since it's refiling warehouse.

The problem what we have is if the stock not available in both Warehouse, it's creating planning production in Warehouse1, but as per the BOM Line. we would like to create a planning production orders in Warehouse2 

Kindly advise, how to create planned production orders to BOM Line warehouse, not in Refling warehouse.

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