One AOS Crashed and Reports stopped working eventhough we have 2 other AOS running. AX 2012 R2 Cu9

We have total 3 AOS. 

I created a Dynamics AX Client config file with 3 AOS as per Microsoft Docs and Pasted that in a folder in server where we have SSRS Installed. 

But Still When AOS 1 Crashes, reports doesnt work. Reports start working only when we have AOS1 running. 

How can i resolve this issue so that One AOS Crash doesnt effect reports as two other AOS are still running? 

AX 2012 R2 Cu9

  • Hi

    please check if you have correct configuration in 

    System Administration\Setup\Business intelligence\Reporting Services\Report servers for all your AOS's?

    there is Validate settings button which allows you to verify al your settings.


    all 3 AOS's are in load balance mode and available for a users?

    maybe all users are connected to AOS1 if only it's working and reports never worked with the others?