Minimum Stock Levels and Reordering

Good afternoon

I`m just trying to understand when the reorder is triggered on D365 MRP.  By way of background we are using MRP to control our inventory on a purchasing system, not for planning/manufacturing, i.e. it is consumption-based.

I understood that reordering should occur once you reach the min level, but speaking to colleagues, it appears that reordering is only triggered once we reach one below the minimum level (i.e. if min is 3, then you have to reach 2 before a reorder is triggered).  For me, as soon as the stock level hits 3 it should reorder, not wait until 2 and the current setup seems counter-intuitive?

My initial view is we should really be applying the safety stock process whereby a reorder point is set, that takes account of the procurement lead time, so in effect the minimum level is never breached.

Grateful for any thoughts please.



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