User cannot connect to AOS, sometimes

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I have a user that shuts down her computer every night. When she starts up in the morning and tries to connect to AX she gets the error about not being able to connect. I run the AX32.exe as admin and am able to connect just fine. She tries again immediately after and can still not connect. She waits a little while (maybe 30 minutes) and then suddenly she can connect. 

I deleted her user in AX and re-imported her. That fixed it for that day. The next day she again could not connect till almost an hour after starting her computer.

Today, she cannot run reports that she ran just fine yesterday. She is getting an error that says:

The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized

I'm not sure what is going on. I have checked and she does have the correct roles to view and run the reports. And she is a user who should be able to log in without problems.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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    I have finally gotten this figured out. We ended up with 2 users who were both getting this same message, but for different reasons. One was easy she just needed to update her password because it expired but she hadn't logged out of her computer so didn't notice.

    The other user's computer had picked up a new IP address, but her DNS host file was registered with a different IP. Someone at sometime before I started here had entered it manually instead of letting the computer register itself on the domain and this is what caused the problem. 

    Thankfully it ended up not being an AX issue and I was able to just delete the entry and tell her computer to register.

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