Help with Electronic Reporting formula designer

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays! :) 

I would have a quick question in regards to the Electronic Reporting in D365. 

I am trying to set up some formulas in the designer but I seem to get constant errors. 

Steps I am taking: Reporting Configurations> Payment Model> BACS> (select the payment I would like to change) > Designer> Transaction B> line2. 

Here I would like to edit a formula in regards to the accounts I would like the specific currencies to pick up i.e EUR XXXX account, USD XXXX account, INR XXXX account. 

IF(model.Payments.Currency="EUR","xxxxxx","xxxxxx") each time I modify this formula it gives me a different error. Any ideas on how to modify the formula correctly? 

Thank you very much to whoever will be able to help! :)