Dynamics 365 for operation VM(OnPremises VHD) for Learning

Hi all,

I have attended training for ax 2012 r3 in detail and little bit for dynamics 365 for operation. now i want to explore dynamics 365 for operation developments for learning, hands on. currently i am not working anywhere. please let me know how can i get the development VM for dynamics 365 for operation.

availaible Resource:

I have laptop with 16 GB ram.

If required I can get partner source Id of my friend who is working in consulting company.


Rather than this I already done lot of R & D on above topic. tried Microsoft connect link with partner source id with no luck.


please suggest. any suggestion would be great.






  • Download the latest Vm from here

    Learn D365 from here mbspartner.microsoft.com/.../1181
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    Hi saadullah,

    thanks for your valuable suggestion.

    I had gone through with mentioned link. but didn't get VM download option. I filtered drop down and got and it came with message "click a title link to view details about a download package and proceed with download process".


    kindly suggest.




  • In reply to akshay321:

    Select All then filter. You will see list of items.
  • In reply to SAADULLAH:

    It's not available to general public.

    And your friend would violate the partner agreement with Microsoft.

    Try getting access through Talent Portal (note I don't have any experience with it).

  • In reply to Martin Dráb:

    Hi martin,

    thank for your suggestion.

    is there any possibility if i will take already downloaded AX 7 VM from my friend.

    if possible then what will be the further prerequisites require to access vm .(like microsoft credentials or any other)

    till the time I will check the link suggested by you i.e talentportal. because i also dont have any idea about this.