FedEx Integration with Ax


My client want to integrate the FedEx and UPS systems to AX and make the tracking information automated by send the tracking number with in the invoice.

- We are using the standard functionality of AX and we didn't done any customization.

- We only gave the Carrier ID information and Carrier Interface in the Inventory management.

- We also have the Mode of delivery in the sales and marketing 

Next we connected the AX (ODBC) to the FedEx Shipping Manager by mapping the fields in the ShipCarrierShippingRequest table for Exporting the Sales Order information to FedEx shipping manger.

- The shipping team enter the packing slip number in the look up 

- The fields automatically filled based on the sales order information related to packing slip number.

-Here come the problem some times we are getting the information to FedEx shipping manager with out any problem and sometimes we are unable to get fetch the data. Then the shipping team enter the into the fields using the packing slip.

- Then the shipping manager prints the label based on the weight 

-The shipping information with tracking number and rates should hit the ShipCarrierStaging table in ODBC which is used by AX to have tracking number.

Here comes the problem again for 50% we are able to get all the information with tracking number and rates everything but for the remaining 50% we unable to get info to the table. When we open the AX and check for order tracking under salesorder>pick and pack tab> order details. I can't find the tracking details.


Can anyone help out to fix this issue. I went twice through the code and it looks like standard, 50% getting info and 50% not getting.