Can't open AX on demo VM

Hi All,


I have restored AX7 update 7 in my local machine and connected the VM. I am not able to navigate to the below url  I am getting the error as The web server you are trying to reach is  temporarily unavailable. Can some one let me what is the solution to the issue.


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  • What do you mean by "restoring AX"?
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    Hi Martin,

    I have downloaded the AX7 VM update 7 and connected with Hyper V.
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    Two things I would try first are restarting IIS and looking into event logs.
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    Hi Martin,

    i have done the same. Still we are getting the same issue. When running the Admin Provision tool and giving the valid office 365 account we are getting the below error.The Remote server returned an error (502).Bad Gateway. Please help me in solving the issue
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    What did you find in event logs?
    Can you reach internet from the VM?
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    Probably your internet is blocked in the VM, you can specify the IPaddress to allow it through your network. Admin provision tool is basically hacking/replacing an existing AX Admin user with your 365 email. It only checks whether you have an account in office 365.
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    Thereafter it should take you to Home page in AX. Can you verify if you can access any Microsoft sites from that VM machine ?
  • Check the Time Zone in AX 7 VM, it should match with your Hyper V or you local Machine Time zone.
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    Hi Team

    Thanks a lot for giving suggestions.

    @Saadullah: I have verified time zone which is matching with my local machine.
    @Chaitanya & Martin Darb: I am able to browse and Microsoft sites also.

    Still the same error(The Remote server returned an error (502).Bad Gateway.) when running Admin Provision tool

    Can you please help me in troubleshooting the issue.
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    The tool runs a Powershell script under the hood. You may want to run the script directly to find out which exact command is failing.
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    Check the Event log, if its old VM SQL Licence may be expired. Check the evetn log.
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    I have gone through eventvwr and when the Provision tool is running the errors logged are

    The open procedure for service lsa in dll c windows system32 secur32.dll has failed and

    The open procedure for service BITS in dll c windows system32 bitsperf.dll has failed

    @Saadullah I observed that sql service is running i am able to query on AXDB. So I think License is not the cause for issue