CLR Exception occurs every time the export to XXXX (using recurring job) and found nothing to transfer

The user gets many of the following exceptions in event log. Going through these exceptions consumes lot of time if we want to find any error.
Error message:
Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.ClrErrorException: SysIntegrationActivityBatchTask-run Error message: SysIntegrationActivityBatchTask-run Package file id is not generated for data job id 'Azure DB Global incr push-2017-06-15T10:21:36-EC196DEA9DE64D09A3E51F78F6D7E5CD', Stack trace:    at Dynamics.AX.Application.DMFIntegrationBridge.Export(IntegrationBridgeContract bridgeContract)
Repro Steps :
Repro steps:
Turn on CT on an entity
Publish  entity to XXXX
create an export data  projekt (with XXXX) with the entity
create a recurring job scheduled every 2 minute (to  not have to wait so long)
Watch eventlog of  server, after second export, nothing should be exported and the exception is thrown.