Form Slowness in production environment

Hi All, 


i am trying to open a form in Production environment from Accounts payable with 1000+ data lines in it. it takes a long time more than 10 to 15 min, but the same form in UAT with same amount of data runs with in 1 min.

i have compared the code and found no difference and i did re-indexing in SQL too but its not working. Please let me know what is causing the slowness and how to resolve the issue.




  • There are many similar threads talking about Trace Parser, analyzing query execution plans and so on. Now when you know the keywords, you can find them by yourself.
  • In reply to Martin Dráb:

    Depends upon the load, number of users accessing it and SQL Server Configurations, AOS configurations, Client Configurations in the environments and etc. Several factors need to be looked into...

    UAT will never have the same load as PROD, Number of transactions per sec being hit will be different.
    So no one can be able to give you a direct answer to this. The subject is deep and several factors need to be considered.