error while open the Tutorial_Workflowprocesses form in AX 2009


  • It seems there is a been transaction block that was not properly handled. It may pushed the application tts level to 1.
    Is it only happens when you run the workflow processor?
    Write a job to set the tts level to zero.
    if (appl.ttslevel() > 0)
    ttsabort; (edited the typo mistake)

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    Hi kranthi..
    i run this line of code and again same problem facing..every time kranthi not only work flow

    static void ResetTTS(Args _args)
    while (appl.ttsLevel() > 0)
    info(strfmt("Level %1 aborted",appl.ttsLevel()));
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    every time kranthi not only work flow

    Can you explain in detail?

  • Check your code, You may be missed to add ttsbegin or ttcomit;
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    When i try to create new PO while running the Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor form and when i press the F5 i am getting above error 

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    After resetting the ttslevel, have you tried by restarting the client?
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    Yes kranthi i restarted the Client
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    There should be something wrong in your code. check all the tts blocks are correct in your code.