Project spanning multiple legal entities

Acknowledged how table sharing can get very complicated but we have had successful projects with it.

Now I am facing a requirement that to me is very logical and reasonable and without data sharing it is not possible to even begin to address.

It is about a project that spans multiple legal entities.

With the organization hierarchy I can do one good thing: display the projects of all legal entities in my project grid.

But I have no idea which project in legal entity A is associated with which project in entity B. I have one big project that each legal entity contributes a major piece to.  I have to see three related projects, or better, one project number in the three legal entities that are part of the big project.

The legal entity typically ships their piece directly to the customer. But without data sharing I have nothing that would associate a project in company A with one in company B.

I tried a Project purchase order to the other legal entity. But the sales order created there loses of course the project number, unless I would share the project table.

It seems to me there has to be a solution for this. Project sharing would lead to proj contract sharing which would lead to customer sharing which would lead to terms of delivery sharing and that is all perfectly fine with our customer, in fact that is exactly what they want.


HOW would I do such table sharing in AX7? It has to be possible.