Warehousing APP username and password

Hello All:

I am trying to login into Dynamics 365 for Operations - Warehousing APP.

I created myself as a worker in D365 operation. In the retail tab.

I tried to use the same password which I found from back end using this SQL query (

Select * from RetailStaffTable RST where NAMEONRECEIPT like '%shan%')

But no luck.

 I also tried logging in as my userid i.e. siyer but unable to log in.

Kindly advice


Shankar J

  • Hello All:

    Senior technical architect in my team found a solution :

    the path to setup Warehouse worker is: Warehouse management > Setup > Worker. Here in this form, you should able to add or reset password for a worker


    Create a new user and set a password and use it here

    and once you are in, you will see this window


    Shankar :)