Two build definition on a single build agent


I am using Ax 2012 R3 CU10.

I am configuring build definition for my project`s new release. (Build defintion already exists for previous release)

The new release will have 2 branches -

 - one for Dev which is used for 2 purposes

      - for developers check in

     - changes from the previous release would also be merged on a weekly basis

- other one is Main branch

    - which will have necessary changes from Dev branch . This would restrict incomplete changes from Dev environment.

    - We will be creating Release definition for this branch to deploy in testing and prod environments

The purpose of having 2 branches is to make sure the right changesets are moved to test environments.

My question is

Can I set up 2 build definitions in a single build machine having one agent for these 2 branches.

Will it have any performance issues?

  • Yes, you can use as single build agent to run many build definitions, although it clearly can't do several builds at the same time. And you can define many build definitions (such us bound to different branches) inside your team project.

    Whether you use this definition or that definition means only that the build agent downloads a different definition, but it must do the same work, therefore it doesn't have any extra performance implications.