How TmpTaxWorkTrans populated ?


In TaxTmpWorkTrans form how will be tmptaxworktrans table populated.

  • Have you tried to look at the cross references?

  • In reply to Kranthi:

    Override insert method and have a break point in TaxTmpWorkTrans.insert()
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    By cross reference, there are dozens of methods calling this insert() method, so you will see further from there.
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    We mean from which class or method tmptaxworktrans table will populate.
    For e.g. in displaySourceTaxAmountCur() method TmpTaxWorkTrans table is passed but from where these table got the values ?

  • In reply to Amol:

    If you add a break point to the insert method, then you will be able to see the call stack.
    You can also start looking from here, \Classes\Tax\insertIntersection