Not responding over wifi network

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I have a question when i open Dynamics ax 2012 over wifi it take a long time to open  it goes into not responding while it work correctly over wired network  what will be the solution that it work fine over wifi ? 

  • Please give us more information. Are you using a locally-installed AX client, or are you using RDP to connect to a client installed on server? What's the latency of your connection?

    If you have the client on your own machine, you must realize that it communicates with AOS a lot and doing it over a slow network means that the client will be slow too.
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    yes martin , I have client on my machine with 8 GB RAM
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    It looks like the Wifi is causing the problem, what's type of your wireless connection, what's the connection speed? 11M or 54M? Your client on your laptop is talking frequently to the AOS server box through the network, it needs a good connection speed.
  • Check your firewall settings.
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    what i need to check in firewall setting ?
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    Check if AX Client or even your database port is being block by your firewall,. I am connected thru wifi and everything is
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    If it was blocked, it wouldn't work at all. That one network can be fast and some other slow shouldn't be a shocking discovery. The latency, as I mentioned in my previous reply, is usually the most important metric, if you want something more concrete than fast/slow.
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    I think the speed connection that "Kwen" says and firewall settings that "kornflakes001831" says are not cause of delay to open (DAX)Dynamics AX 2012. I think it's the setup or configuration of AX as well, Each DAX have Entity(it depends the company setup, could be multiple entity) and every entity have need to setup like item(s), supplier(s) ,vendors etc. So once DAX open all configuration that you setup will load.