Suddenly No Data in Critical on-hand inventory Report

Hi all,

I am facing an problem that generating critical on-hand inventory report with no data. I don't have any customization on that report. Few days before, it starts to return no data every running even tried in all companies.

The report is located in Inventory management -> Reports -> On-hand. It can be ran successfully with correct data in DEV.

Is anybody encounter this problem before?

I am using R3 CU11.



Thanks MC

  • Do you really have the items with physical inventory less than the minimum quantity?
    Have you tired to Debug (hoping you are a developer)?
  • Do other users have the issue?
    Can you show us the setting of one item that should appear on the report in a screen shot?
  • If your code is well managed, you can see it in DEV, which means it should be fine. Do you have a QA box or UAT box, how do they look like? If they are all good, try to restart your production AOS instances after business hours.
  • Thanks for your answer, Kranthi and AdamRoue.

    Your answer saves my life.

    We use min. and max. for those frequently moving items and ware-housekeeper placed POs more than normal recently to fulfill upcoming peak season. So that's why no data come out.

    I tested increase the min. of one item and it can be shown in the report immediately.