how to get offsetaccount in ax 2012

I dump the 2009 report into ax 2012 R3 am getting this error how can i get the offsetaccount in 2012 

  • Use \Data Dictionary\Tables\LedgerJournalTrans\Methods\parmOffsetAccount

    BTW, Use SSRS report instead of a MorphX report in AX 2012.

  • The design has been changes in AX 2012. It is LedgerDimension and offsetLedgerDimension.
    You can get the values by using below methods,
    \Data Dictionary\Tables\LedgerJournalTrans\Methods\parmOffsetAccount
    \Data Dictionary\Tables\LedgerJournalTrans\Methods\parmAccount
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    Thank you so much kranthi for giving replay...