Getting Data Type Mismatch in Union Query for SmmActivitiesAssiosation Query

Getting Data type mismatch error in Union Queries. Although I tried all the solution (Links) provided on net but still not able to solve this issue. Main thing is that we have only one field in query from the comparison of two fields. as in below error we have only Sales Name in "SmmActiitiesAssociation".


Just because of this error we are not able to Sync and Compile Data Dictionary fully.



Synchronize database There is a field mismatch in the union query. Field SalesName is not compatible with field Description.

  • I had faced the same issue before, make sure if anyone changed the EDT size of some filed in table. Make sure the table which are used in the query data source it should be same size for all the table in the query, If any one field mis matches between the table u will receive this error.

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