Firming split planned orders


I have set below formula for my final product in dynamics AX 2012 R3.


final product : product X (packed Item)

ingredient (bulk Item) : Item Y

required quantity for each X: 200 

line type: pegged supply


as I updated my static plan in master planning module, planned production orders have been created based on demand forecasting for my product X:

Demand forecasting for product X = 60

required ingredient (bulk Item)= 60*200 = 12000


since I have set the quantity for  formula (4800) and multiple of (1000), the pegged orders aromatically split to 3 orders:

required ingredient = 5000+ 5000+ 2000

as I firm the the main planned orders  of product X just one of the pegged orders (5000 Qty) is created automatically.


what should I do if I want system to automatically generate all related pegged supply align with the main order?