Print Labels from Dynamics AX Retail

I am trying to print Barcode Labels from Dynamics AX Retail. (Retail > Periodic > Barcodes and Labels > Print Product Labels).

The system is giving me error 'No store has been set up.'



  • hi 

    if it's not solved yet; you can follow the below steps:

    1- go to retail shared parameters > general > local store : select store number

    2- go to retail shared parameters > labels> Product labels : select which stores that you want to print labels for

    3- go to barcode and labels Product barcode: and select the report name 

    4- now the form should open but you will not be able to print label for a product that doesn't have a product label in it's setup

    I suggest to follow this link for more details :

  • go to retail shared Parameter > general > select the store