Inventory Value report

Dear Friends.

I am getting one error while running Inventory Value Report in ax 2009 in Inventory module.


Below error:

Error executing code: xRecord (object), method data called with invalid parameters.


(S)\Classes\InventValueReportPopulateItem\buildTransactionsWithDynamicQuery - line 202

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportPopulateResource\run - line 16

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportInit\createItemTasks - line 62

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportInit\createTasks - line 88

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportHelper\run - line 56

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportHelper\main - line 8



It seems these classes have compilation error but there is no such compilation issue in these classes.

Please guide