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AX 2012 Communication Error: Your Microsoft Dynamics AX session is no longer valid

Hi everyone

Out of the blue, every AX user in our environment gets the following error when attempting to start the AX 2012 client:

"Your Microsoft Dynamics AX session is no longer valid. Log off your computer and log on again.  If the problem persists, contact your Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator".

The server is running an AX 2012 R2 installation, and has been running smoothly for a few months now.
Please note that this is a single machine installation.
Users connect using the client on the same machine.

The problem appeared 5 days ago and since then all users experience the same behavior.

I've searched online for a solution but none was found.

The same error message appears in older posts which concern AX 4 and AX 2009 installations and suggest the deletion of the AOI file. Since there's no AOI file in AX 2012, I'm not quite sure what would the solution be..

No activity has taken place within the last week that could have caused the problem..

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!