"Parameter _reportName cannot be null or empty".error while opening any report


I am getting the error"Parameter _reportName cannot be null or empty." while opening any report of ax 2012.I have noticed this error after installation of data migration frame work in ax,but i am not sure that is the reason for this error can any one please help me to solve this error.


Thanks in advance

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    HI all,



    Just start compile for classes..it may solve your issue for reports..

    i have done same.

    Thanks and Regards

    Ramandeep Chauhan

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    Can you please share the document , me too facing the same issue


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    Hi Abbas can you please send me this screen print out

    As I am not able to view any report in dynamics and getting this error message

    Parameter '' cannot be empty.

    The LedgerTrialBalanceDP.getAttribute() reflection API could not create and return the SRSReportParameterAttribute object. Please check the parameters.


    very much appreciate your help


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    Hi Jahenzab,

    Screen shots which i have provided before may resolve but that is not best practice. So please follow the below steps will definitely resolve your issue,

    1) Do Full CIL and remove report  cache in tools -> caches -> refresh report server

    2) redeploy the specific report by using power shell

    Do let me know incase if it didn't work well.

    Br Abbas


  • We have AX 2012 R2 CU7. This is issue happen to all the report in AX. This way works for us.
    1. Full Compile
    2. Restart AOS
    3. Clear cache in AOT
    4. Restart reporting service