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Error in workflow...AX 2012



I have created a customized workflow in AX 2012 for Sales and Marketing module..

Everything is working fine except after submitting is giving an error..

Stopped (error): X++ Exception: The text associated with this work item cannot be found in the assignee’s language, or in the default language for the system or legal entity. The workflow has stopped processing because of this error. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

 at SysWorkflowWorkItem-create





Can anyone please help.. 



Aman Gupta



  • Hi Ama

    It seems that the AX is searching for the WF subjet and message in other language... 

    Add a translation in all languages your are using (maybe the Company is in another language) in my case it was a company in spanish and the system was in English.


    Check all the Steps and Workflows you configured for messages and add the translation...


    Hope this resolves your problem