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Workflow batch job and Tutorial_workflowprocessor both are not executing

Hi All,

All components of workflow are installed properly and workflow runtime URL also validated.

we have reinstalled workflow components, restarted AOS and Workflow Web Services also.

There is no Error in eventviewer log, service account also mentioned correctly.

But, workflow batch job and Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor both are not creating work items in workflow history.

Tutorial_workflowprocessor is not responding.

Whats the main reason behind this and what could be the best way to resolve this issue.


  • Hi,

    we have the same problem, it seems that all is ok without error, the job "workflow message processor" run at scheduled time, but there is no ItemWork created. the only way to make the workflow running correctly is to change the reccurence , save it and use Ctrl + F5 several times until you see that the job executing. It work nicely but I still don't understand why this way work.