Potrait Report Printing instead of Landscape in SSRS

I tried to print a SSRS report in a continuous form paper with the custom page size (Length 5.5in x Width 8in).  When printing using Epson LX-300+II, the report is printed in landscape mode which will consume two continuous form papers vertically instead of a single paper horizontally printed, even though I have already set the printing mode into potrait in the Printer Properties.

In this case, in the SSRS Report Properties, the report mode is set to Landscape (Automatically done by Visual Studio as I set the report paper size to length 5.5in and width 8in). If I change the report mode to potrait, the report size will be automatically changed into length 8in and width 5.5in and the report orientation will be printed correctly however the report will appear cropped as it doesn't have enough width to display the whole page.

Any suggestions?



Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    The Custom Page size 5.5in and 8 in for the report. what About Report Body Size.it should be with in the report size.

    thank you.

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    My report body size is already smaller than 8in in width and 5.5 in length. The problem persists whenever orientation is set to landscape (automatically). I once tried to set the length to 11in resulting in a portrait orientation and it is printed correctly. However I need to print the report in 5.5in

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    I have the same problem with you, whether you've found her solution ??

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    Hi, i also have the same problem, can you solve it